ScreenIT A30 Booth desk

Booth dividers assembled with zipper. Height is always 650 mm and side screens width is always 800 mm. Not available with fishbone zip. Consumption of brackets= 1 pack standard and 2 pack corner mount.

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Artno Description Size Colour
Price (retail)
1181120-ScreenIT A30 Booth B:1200 H:800mmL:800 W:1200 H:800  -
1181140-ScreenIT A30 Booth B:1400 H:800mmL:800 W:1400 H:800  -
1181160-ScreenIT A30 Booth B:1600 H:800mmL:800 W:1600 H:800  -
1181180-ScreenIT A30 Booth B:1800 H:800mmL:800 W:1800 H:800  -
642027-1Desk mount mini for desk booth, white W:49 H:65 D:100white  -
642027-2Desk mount mini for desk booth, black W:49 H:65 D:100black  -
642027-3Desk mount mini for desk booth, silver W:49 H:65 D:100silver  -
855120-ScreenIT A30 Booth B:1200 H:650mmL:800 W:1200 H:650  -
855140-ScreenIT A30 Booth B:1400 H:650mmL:800 W:1400 H:650  -
855160-ScreenIT A30 Booth B:1600 H:650mmL:800 W:1600 H:650  -
855180-ScreenIT A30 Booth B:1800 H:650mmL:800 W:1800 H:650  -